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Tax Services

Taxes are like a jigsaw puzzle. One piece isn’t the whole picture. At Business Needs, Inc., we take an integrated and an individualized approach, for you.

Every business wants to reduce taxes, but to do it correctly isn’t always so simple.
Often tax strategies that look good by themselves can be less sensible, even problematic, in the context of your whole business.

That’s why Business Needs, Inc. takes a balanced and integrated approach. We focus on your total business picture, not just your next return.

We help you define the right overall tax position, designed to save you money, while meeting your larger business goals.

Since we often provide advice on many aspects of clients’ business, we can see opportunities that other tax specialists might miss.

Another thing that separates Business Needs, Inc. is our idea of tax season. To us, tax time is all the time. Yes, we’re sticklers about deadlines and compliance, but our larger goal is tax management. So we keep a year-round eye on new and pending federal, state and local tax laws.

We alert you to changes that may affect you and help you respond. Our proactive approach to taxes sets us apart.

In addition to providing ongoing advice, we offer a number of specific tax services.

You want tax advice you can count on—reliable counsel to guide you through complex and ever-changing tax rules. You want to pay your fair share, but never more than are necessary, using strategies aligned with your long-term business goals. That’s the kind of support you’ll find at Business Needs, Inc.

Tax Services for Business

Today planning business taxes and tax impact considerations should play a role in every financial move you make.

Business Needs, Inc. will engage you in annual planning that will include checking in with you periodically during the year to help you proactively manage business tax impact at year end. And, we are always just a phone call away to discuss new opportunities as they arise.

How We Help You:

Areas, in which we can assist you, are:

  • Tax return compliance for businesses, partnerships, estates and trusts, foundations and tax exempt organizations, and individuals, including multi-state and non-residential/part year returns
  • Year end planning for businesses and individuals, including review of all pertinent new legislation and recommendation of tax-saving strategies and opportunities
  • Guidance in identifying the best type of entity to form when setting up a new business, and assistance in applying for licenses and filing necessary forms
  • Business taxes for complex financial and/or investment transactions
  • Business tax planning and guidance regarding business divestitures, mergers and acquisitions
  • IRS and state audit representation and correspondence
  • Succession planning for closely-held companies
  • Business tax considerations, compliance and coordination of wealth building, estate and retirement planning your tax interests

Business Tax & Government Compliance Services

Entrepreneurial businesses like yours deserve equally spirited tax consultants.

Tax law has grown so complex, scarcely any company doing business today has all the answers. A cookie-cutter approach to taxes doesn’t work. Just like your business strategy, your tax strategy is unique. Business Needs, Inc. knows that. We focus on meeting the tax needs of companies on the move—like yours. The spirit that drives your company drives us, too.

Business owners and executives throughout the country depend on the advice and direction of our tax consultants. Our tax professionals draw on experience to manage your federal and state tax obligations. And we stay connected. Frequent contact with you keeps your business operations and transactions structured with an advantageous tax approach.

How We Help You:

Areas, in which we can assist you, are:

  • Methods and Inventory
  • Mergers, Acquisitions and Restructuring
  • R&D Credits and Incentives
  • Cost Segregation and Fixed Asset Reviews
  • Section 199 (Domestic Production Activities Deduction)
  • FAS 109 Accounting for Income Tax and FIN 48 ; Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) Compliance

State and Local Tax Services

State and local tax issues should never outweigh a good business decision. We focus on solutions that help your company manage its tax exposure—and grow.

State and local tax regulations can be extremely obscure and complex. Even the best-intentioned multi-state organization may inadvertently overlook certain tax obligations, thus becoming liable not only for the tax itself but also for unanticipated interest and penalties. Tax-hungry states and local municipalities need more money to operate, and are consequently growing more aggressive.

Few clients have the resources necessary to stay up-to-date on the latest developments in these areas. Don’t let lacks of knowledge put you at risk of being assessed for major tax liabilities. Get the professional guidance, training, and assistance you need to successfully manage state and local tax complexities.

Why Be Concerned Now?

A number of factors contribute to an increase in concern for today's taxpayer. These include:

  • Cash-strapped state governments
  • High-tech information sharing within and between state agencies and with the federal government
  • Increased compliance efforts
  • Stricter penalties
  • New laws

How We Help You:

Areas, in which we can assist you, are:

  • State Income/Franchise Tax Planning and Consulting
  • State Tax Credits and Incentives
  • Sales and Use Tax Consulting and Compliance
  • Transfer Pricing
  • Property and Indirect Taxes
  • Due Diligence and Transaction Planning
  • Sales/Use Tax Automation and Outsourcing
  • Unclaimed Property
  • Telecommunications Federal Excise Tax

Family Business Planning Services

Only a small percentage of family businesses survive beyond the first generation. Planning for a feasible transition from one group of owners to the next can greatly improve the odds for success.

It’s incredibly challenging to address and resolve important business issues without undue family influence. Family and business interests may sometimes be at odds and as a result, cause strife and separation, which negatively impacts the business.

To face the challenges of simultaneously managing a business and addressing family issues, it is often necessary to enlist the help of outside advisors who are able to lead family members through some of the difficult personal and business decisions.

Ownership and leadership transition strategies must incorporate a long-term plan to determine the scope of future management roles, the current and future involvement of family members, and the development of management capabilities to ensure business continuity.

How We Help You:

Business Needs, Inc. works with family-owned businesses to help maintain family harmony while making effective long- and short-term ownership and leadership succession transitions.

We recognize that each family-owned business faces its own set of opportunities and challenges. While some of the issues you encounter are shared by many family businesses, the relationships and family matters in your business are unique and personal.

Our approach to succession planning is tailored to your needs and often includes the following:

  • Conducting individual, confidential interviews with family members and other applicable employees to identify and prioritize issues
  • Planning and facilitating a family meeting to discuss issues and recommend an action plan
  • Helping with the implementation of the plan
  • Evaluating the plan periodically

Why Business Needs, Inc. ?

The final plan outlines issues, objectives, implementation responsibilities and timing. It facilitates constructive change and establishes leadership and decision-making authority.

There are several advantages to our succession planning services, including:

  • Shapes business direction
  • Improves family and business communications
  • Clarifies the future ownership structure
  • Develops a management succession plan and identifies future business leaders
  • Encourages increased business planning efforts
  • Resolves conflicts among family members and mediates family issues

Business Needs, Inc. is experienced in dealing with a wide variety of situations, personalities and interpersonal relationships. As business advisors and family-sensitive practitioners, we facilitate positive discussion and planning that involves all stakeholders in your business.

Wealthy Families Services

Individuals committed to making future dreams a reality need forward-thinking tax consultants.

The tax-saving methods available to you today are numerous. Strategies centered on investments, children, education and retirement can help reduce your personal income tax liability. But often what works for one person leads to problems for another.

Why Business Needs, Inc. ?

At Business Needs, Inc., we don’t make assumptions. We look at your total picture — business assets, investment funds and personal situation. In many cases, your personal objectives are linked to your business goals. We understand that. With this knowledge we decipher your unique situation to help improve your personal tax position.

Whether you’re starting your family or preparing for college, venturing into a new business or nearing retirement, our approach centers on your unique needs. We get to know you and your dreams. Together we’ll identify tax strategies that can help reduce your liabilities and grow your assets.

Many factors come into play when determining your personal tax obligations. Smart planning and timing can reduce your liabilities. We analyze your personal situation and compare tax-saving methods.

How We Help You:

Areas, in which we can assist you, are:

  • Federal and Multi-state Compliance
  • Wealth Management
  • Estate and Business Succession Planning
  • Divorce and Separation Planning

Compensation and Employee Services

Laws governing compensation, employee benefits and taxation are complex and ever-changing. It's easy to overlook opportunities to reduce costs.

We can help you manage your compensation and benefit programs to manage your exposure to payroll taxes.

How We Help You:
Areas, in which we can assist you, are:

  • Employee Benefits Analysis and Compliance
  • Retirement Resources

Wealth Management Services

Solutions as unique as your goals. A plan for building wealth must answer some fundamental questions -

  • Will I have enough?
  • Where will my income come from in retirement
  • What happens to my assets when I'm gone?

And most importantly ... Who do I trust for the right answers?

Why Business Needs, Inc. ?

At Business Needs, Inc., we believe there is no set formula for achieving success. We know that attaining your long-term objectives depends upon the development, deployment and continual measurement and refinement of a strategy unique to you.

We create a plan to turn your vision into a living, breathing strategy designed to achieve your goals.

Bring us your vision and let's talk about what matters most to you.

Resources for today and tomorrow.

Business Needs, Inc. provides one of the industry's most comprehensive suites of services for managing both your personal wealth and business planning needs. No matter what your financial needs may be, Business Needs, Inc. Wealth Management can bring the required resources together to meet them.

We offer the following services to help you grow and protect your assets and facilitate their transfer among family and heirs. We will help you develop clear goals and a concrete plan for reaching them.

  • Investment Advisory Services - fee-only investment management
  • Financial and Estate Planning
  • Succession planning for individuals and businesses
  • Insurance and Risk Management
  • Executive Compensation - Deferred Compensation
  • Tax planning
  • Philanthropic and Charitable Gifting
  • Retirement planning and Wealth Preservation

You can access as few or as many services as you wish, with the comfort of knowing that your needs will never outgrow our depth of resources.

Estate Planning

Plan to protect your loved ones and your wealth

Appropriate planning not only helps protect your assets, it also helps ensure your loved ones won’t endure the administrative headaches and conflicts that can arise during a difficult time in their lives. You need professionals who will help you plan for the orderly transfer of wealth at the lowest possible tax and administrative cost to you and your heirs.

Our estate team members work with your attorneys, trust officer and other financial advisors to review your financial situation and lifestyle plans, determine your goals, and design a plan to help you reach them.

How We Help You:

We begin by meeting with you to learn about your assets and understand your goals. Our method of estate planning includes cash flow and budgeting analysis for inter- vivo gifting, income tax planning for tax-sensitive assets such as retirement plans and highly appreciated assets, as well as the design of creative succession planning techniques for the family business owner, if appropriate.

We will:

  • Review your current wills, trusts, property ownership, and basic asset allocation to help reduce income and estate taxes and make sure your assets will be passed to your heirs in the manner you choose.
  • Discuss charitable gift planning options that may help you receive the maximum income and estate tax benefits available.
  • Utilize multigenerational planning that may help you receive significant estate tax savings and take maximum advantage of the complex generation skipping rules.
  • Analyze existing insurance programs and develop advanced life insurance solutions.
  • Provide ongoing implementation and adjustment of the plan as your situation and tax law changes.

Personal Financial Planning Services

A strategic approach to pursuing your goals

Planning is a process, not a product. Working together, we’ll develop a plan that fits your goals and integrates all aspects of your financial life. We help you define your goals and dreams and provide the discipline and flexibility to coordinate, monitors, and adjust for future opportunities.

Why Business Needs, Inc.?

We help you formulate strategies around a broad range of issues and concerns, Including:

  • Cash flow and budgeting
  • Estate planning
  • Retirement planning
  • Investment analysis and strategies
  • Risk management and insurance

Wealth Scenarios answers “What if…?” Wealth Scenarios is a dynamic, interactive tool used to simulate various financial scenarios, incorporating your data and your goals.

You and your Wealth Advisor can play-out any number of hypothetical situations and view the potential outcomes immediately to help you make well-informed decisions and feel confident that:

  • All variables and possibilities are considered.
  • Tradeoffs between risk and reward are dynamically displayed.
  • Potential outcomes are immediately visible for each scenario.
  • You don’t have to wait days for scenarios to be recalculated or spend time in multiple follow-up meetings.

How We Help You:

Business Needs, Inc. provides one of the industry’s most comprehensive suites of services for managing your personal wealth and business panning seeds.

We offer an alternative practice structure that allows our clients to take full advantage of the depth of knowledge, talent and experience.

Working with Business Needs, Inc. you will benefit from:

  • Peace of mind, knowing you have an action plan to help achieve your financial goals and protect your family, even in unexpected situations.
  • Plans that will help meet your goals for managing income and estate taxes.
  • A solid foundation upon which to make future tax and investment decisions.
  • Ongoing analysis and consideration of tax consequences. Regular goal tracking and monitoring of your strategy.

Succession Planning Services

Planning ahead makes good business sense

Transferring the ownership of a business can be a complex, time consuming and emotional situation. Even more challenging is a situation involving the incapacity or death of a business owner.

That’s why it’s so important to plan ahead and to work with an advisor you trust with something as important as the business you’ve built.

Why Business Needs, Inc. ?

Business Needs, Inc. offers experienced tax and business planning specialists which are uniquely qualified to assist you in developing a seamless plan for transitioning your business.

Together, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses like yours to:

  • Determine and evaluate your options.
  • Make decisions around selling your business to a third party or gifting to children or grandchildren.
  • Evaluate transfer tax implications or timing of the sale.
  • Recommend or analyze existing life, disability and “key man” insurance arrangements.
  • Provide projections and timelines for transitioning your business and business assets.

How We Help You:

Working with Business Needs, Inc. you will benefit from:

  • Depth of organizational experience and talent.
  • Working with one of the nations largest and most experience business advisors.
  • Focus on tax implications and tax-advantages strategies.
  • A trusted advisor who will guide you every step of the way.
  • Coordinated approach that considers all aspects of your personal and business wealth.

Retirement & Wealth Preservation Services

Today's challenge is developing a strategy to capture tomorrow's dream

Your retirement planning and wealth preservation goals are inextricably tied together.

The financial strategies you have in place today impact both your present lifestyle and the one you envision for the future. And both require a comprehensive understanding of your personal goals.

Why Business Needs, Inc.?

Success in meeting retirement income goals or preserving the wealth you have accumulated is dependent upon having solid investment and tax strategies in place.

That’s where Business Needs, Inc can help you:

  • Define and prioritize your long-term income goals and those of your family.
  • Analyze and plan around tax law changes, economic events, changes in your family structure or lifestyle, and other factors that may influence your goals or strategy.
  • Provide Wealth Scenarios planning to determine how best to leverage current resources to fulfill long-term goals.
  • Assess your current and projected cash flow and expenses.
  • Evaluate your employer-sponsored retirement plans and executive compensation arrangements.

How We Help You:

Understanding and managing the financial implications of retirement is one of the most complex financial challenges you may face.

We start the process by listening to your retirement goals, analyzing your existing savings strategy, projecting your retirement income and, finally, advising you on the tax ramifications of your situation.

The Business Needs Advantage

Working with Business Needs, Inc. you will benefit from:

  • A synchronized approach to building and maintaining wealth, working closely with your tax advisor to ensure appropriate strategies are in place
  • Objective and strategic recommendations suited to your personal income tax, investment, estate and cash flow needs.
  • Current and long-term cash flow and income analysis.
  • Guidance and analysis on pension and retirement plan elections, including lump sum payouts vs. annuities, and joint survivor vs. single-life distribution arrangements.
  • Coordination with your investment advisory and estate planning needs.

Individualized Customized Services Based Upon Your Needs


We will assess the quality of your products or services. We will also review the quality of the policies and procedures that go into making or providing them.

We will review the ways you work with your customers, beginning from the initial consumer contact.

We will continue that process through the development, sale and follow-up customer service.

This assessment will compare your current practices with internationally approved standards. Following that, we will develop specific recommendations for your business and implement them to give you the results that you want, and that you need.

Why Business Needs, Inc. ?

Business Needs, Inc., offers services designed to add value to your organization. Unlike many other providers, Business Needs, Inc. doesn’t just conduct research and provide a package of solutions — we work with your management team to select the best strategy for your business and then we help you remain focused on executing the plan.

Our approach centers on identifying the driving force behind your business and is designed to stimulate strategic and creative thinking, evaluation, and recommendations for strategic growth options.



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